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7 Thoughts On Tree Roots In Sewer

Tree roots in sewer lines are not always diagnosed quickly. For most individuals with drain clog issues, the pipes inside the home are where The Plumbing Pro looks first. Sometimes the clog is harder to roots in sewer linelocate and our snake and rooter machines will go out to 100 feet outside the home. If you have had clogging issues in the previous year, please let us know. We can get right to work looking for problems other than simple clogs. In recurring situations, the cause is almost always errant roots in the sewer line. We will know from what we pull back. The Plumbing pro can detect the location and offer a solution to your problem.

Does The Plumbing Pro remove tree roots from sewer pipe and water line laterals?

Yes. Over 36 years, in the Kansas City metro, The Plumbing Pro has perfected its sewer and water line repair service to include the removal of nasty clogging tree roots in sewer Kansas City. Depending on the age of your home and the types of pipe laterals you have you may or may not experience this form of clog. Clay or corrugated iron pipes tend to be what we see the most. No matter what you have The Plumbing Pro can professionally determine the reasons for your clog or leak, offer a solution and outline the expense. We do traditional and trenchless sewer and water line replacement and repair.

Are there ways to control roots in my pipes?

The Plumbing Pro has been recommending ROOTX to our customer base for years. It’s proven effective in thousands of instances in Kansas City. ROOTX uses the aquatic herbicide Dichlobenil. It’s non-caustic, non-fumigating and non-systemic and it is registered and classified with the EPA for GENERAL USE. Simply pour the recommended dosage Root X into your toilet bowl and flush twice each year.

How fast do roots grow?

That is hard to say because the growth rates of trees and shrub vary and can be effected by the environment depth, water supply, aeration, mineral supply and even temperature. Large root systems can have many small feeder roots, some as small as hair. It’s these roots that seek out the resources to keep the tree alive and growing, as well as these that can fill and clog broken pipes.

Will weather impact root growth?

Of course – in the winter or during drought conditions roots will seek out the nutrients and moisture they need. When trees and shrubs are in need of moisture they will seek out cracks, holes and the broken seals of your underground pipe system.

Does The Plumbing Pro replace lines when snaking and ROOTX no longer work to keep the line flowing?

Yes. The Plumbing Pro will walk you through these options when and if snaking, rooting and Root X stop working. That said, we offer both traditional and trenchless sewer and water line repair and replacement.

If tree or shrub roots get inside my sewer or water lines, what do I do next?

Call The Pros (816) 763-8200. We know what to do. You may not know what is truly clogging your lines toilet tissue, grease and other debris flowing from homes could be the culprit but the hair-like roots from a tree or shrub could also be involved. We will augur your system and clean your pipes up to 100 feet (standard) or to 150 ft (for an extra fee) from the house.

Are some piping system more susceptible to intrusion by roots?

Clay tile pipe is the most problematic type of piping, but all pipe types can have loose seals and breaks. When we replace pipe we will use one rated to last up to 10 years or more.

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