Here are 7 tips for cleaning a toilet that will make the job much easier and make you happy.

Clean often

The more often you clean your toilet the cleaner it will stay and the even better, the less time you will spend in the cleaning process. As an example, I clean my car every week whether it needs it or not. However one month I had several things going on that stopped me from cleaning it at all. The next time I decided to take it in to the car wash I found myself scrubbing for almost an hour to bring it up to my standards. A toilet works in the same way it is constantly being bombarded by contaminates when you do a quick clean every other day or so, the will not be contaminate build up – and no need to really take time scrubbing it.TOILET BUTTON SMALL

Use vinegar

Vinegar will deodorize and a clean your toilet effectively. It is safe to use and really cleans stains and contaminates.  It will not harm any part of your toilet. And it is great elsewhere in the bathroom for removing corrosion and chemical buildup (example showerheads.) Add 3 cups of vinegar to your toilet’s tank and let stand for 30 minutes, then flush to deodorize your toilet.

A Toothbrush works great in nooks and crannies

Enough said here. A toothbrush works great in the bathroom simply because of its size and bristles. Give it a try and don’t forget your rubber gloves.

Good toilet brush

Picking a brush with the following features can make your life easier. The brush should have a good length, be easily gripped and held, and have strong bristles.  Find one with “bristles that are stiff enough to scrub yet flexible enough to not flick water at you.” A cleaning your toilet won’t seem like such a chore.  CLICK HERE TO READ A GREAT ARTICLE

Disinfectant bleach wipes

Disinfectant bleach wipes are quite effective in cleaning toilets. Staying moist and picking up contaminates that cling to the porcelain is the number one reason to use bleach wipes. However, bleach wipes should not be disposed of by flushing them, they should be thrown away.  Use enough wipes for the treated surface to remain visibly wet for 4 minutes. Let surface dry.

Don’t ignore the handle

Remember to pay special attention to cleaning your toilets handle. The handle is a breeding ground for bacteria. You are most likely to get unwanted germs from the handle because it comes in contact with your open hand. Clean it well. Coat your handle with a generous coat of disinfectant spray or vinegar. Repeatedly and often, as we discussed in point number one.

Avoid carpets around the toilet

Though carpets in the bathroom have been around a long time avoid placing a carpet around your toilet. The reason is obvious; a carpet is a perfect place to grow yucky unwanted germs which will come with yucky unwanted odors. I know that carpets are great outside the shower because they offer a safe step but the same goes here. Avoid the petri dish that is your moisture and germ filled rug or carpeting.

A clean bathroom means fewer odors and a healthier family lifestyle. Keep Cleaning. Well, that is how The Plumbing Pro sees it anyway.

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