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Plumbing Tips#2 New Water Heater Regulations

new water heater regulationsYou may have heard that federal new water heater regulations will be out for water heaters in just a few weeks. Don’t worry about it – The Plumbing pro can help guide you through the process of buying a new water heater.

The new 2015 federal regulations are definitely going to increase the size of a new water heater and this is expected to increase the price. However, The Plumbing Pro is determined to keep our prices well below those of other plumbing companies. The best bet is to replace your water heater before the new regulations kick in. For a limited period of time The Plumbing Pro is offering a 40 gallon gas water heater from Rheem for just $710.00 or a 50 gallon gas water heater for $769. Don’t miss out on these savings – schedule your appointment today!

More information on these new water heater regulations can be found at http://www.rheem.com/products/water_heating/NAECA/

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