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What is Hydro jetting and How does it work?

scale in main sewer line - hydro jetting

The Plumbing Pro offers hydro jetting whenever more traditional methods (auger, snake, etc.) fail to unclog a line. Hydro jetting uses a highly pressurized flow of water that jets or scours the inside of your pipe CLEAN. Hydro jetting is very effective at removing soap, hair, scale, grease, mineral and other debris. It can even remove roots.

This special line cleaning technique delivers water pressures of 4000 psi and 12 gallons a minute to clean your lines. The Plumbing Pro has the expertise to know the right pressures to resolve your problem without damaging older and fragile pipes.

Comprehensively Clean Your Pipes

Hydro jetting can comprehensively clean you pipe, but hold on, it’s not to be used in ever situation. This service is more often used in commercial properties, far less often in residential plumbing situations.grease in main line - hydro jetting

Visually inspecting your pipes, using our video camera line system, is often the first step in our process. Tree roots, rocks, and soil in the lines are other factors that may mean a sewer repair or replacement is required.

Let The Plumbing Pro come out a take a look at your plumbing problem. We promise to use all our experience and skills to resolve your issue quickly and affordably. For more information call (816) 763-8200 today.



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