What Type of Sink Do You Need in the Commercial Food Service or Restaurant Kitchen Prep Sink?

What Type of Sink Do You Need For Compliance and Convenience?

Planning for your Food Service or Restaurant Kitchen plumbing needs can often seem unimportant by the FDA and local municipalities have many requirements in place to keep you, your staff and customers free from illness and harm. The Plumbing Pro has decades of experience and would love to help you maintain or plan the plumbing of your commercial kitchen.

Each commercial kitchen will have multiple plumbing needs, but sinks are critical. Here are four types of sinks your facility or restaurant will need.

Scullery Sink

Elkay Commercial Kitchen SinkA 3-bowl scullery sink is often required by local municipalities and is designed as the main wash station. It allows separate basin for washing, rinsing, sanitizing and drying of kitchen utensils.  Remember that health codes often specify the size, depth and bow requirements.

Hand Sink

Commercial Kitchen Hand sink The FDA has very specific rules for commercial kitchens requiring at least one hand sink inside or at the entrance to the food prep area and that it must be located to allow convenient use by employees in food preparation, food dispensing, and ware-washing areas. These sinks can come in many different styles, wall-hung, pedestal and legged. Let The Plumbing Pro help you find the right design-style for your kitchen and municipality.

Food Prep Sink

Commercial Prep SinkPrep sinks are designed to wash and rinse food and vegetables during the preparation process. They help prevent cross-contamination and organize the kitchen. They are designed around the volume of food that will touch water in your kitchen.

Do you need one or more basins? What size basin do you need? Will your largest pot or colander fit? All of these are the types of questions The Plumbing Pro will help you answer.

Your prep sink’s primary purpose is to keep your food safe. Prep sinks help prevent cross-contamination and act as a great out-of-the-way place to wash vegetables, rinse food, drain colander items, and anything else that requires your food to touch water.

The size of your prep sink has to coincide with your kitchen limits, of course, but take into consideration the volume of food you’ll be working with on a regular basis. Will your prep sink handle 100 pounds of onions, or just ten? Will you drop a pan or colander in it for easier use? Make sure it fits your colander, your biggest bowl of pasta or fresh-from-the-farm veggies.

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