Toilet Troubles and Repair

Toilet issues can really upset a sense of normalcy in your home. Leaks, constantly running toilets or odors can really be frustrating. The Plumbing Pro works on all kinds of toilet plumbing problems, and even replace toilets. Call the Plumbing Pro at 816-763-8200 to get on the schedule.

What could be the cause of a smelly toilet?

A foul-smelling toilet could be related to an improperly seated toilet. Check the wax ring surrounding the toilet base. Ask yourself, does my toilet rock or is it solidly attached to the floor. If it rocks, your toilet is not properly sealed to the floor.  If your wax ring is not sealed, then odors from flushing may seep back up and into the room. Orders can also be caused by a clogged main vent.

Every time you flush water down the drain it pushes the air in the pipe to out of the way. This air seeks the path of least resistance.  When the wax seal or vents are not functioning properly or the toilet is not sealed to the floor, that air will find its way back into the room through the toilet’s base.

What is causing my toilet to run constantly?

If your toilet is running constantly it could be that the guts (flush valve, fill valve, float) of your toilet are old and no longer working effectively. You can try to adjust the float height or replace the flapper, or you can just call a pro.  The Plumbing Pro!

What could clog my toilet and how do I unclog it?

Well, I think we all know what may be clogging your toilet. You can try using a plunger. Another idea is to mix hot water (not boiling) with dish soap. Pour into your toilet. Wait 15 minutes and try to flush. If you are struggling still, then you may have to unseal and remove the toilet, run a snake down the pipe and remove the blockage. Better yet, just call The Plumbing Pro we can do it for you. Call 816-763-8200.