Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Ruptured Pipes

If you have a broken or leaking pipe in your home what do you do? Here are four things you can do to remedy the issue.

  1. Turn off your water main.

If you know where the main is shut-off valve. The shut-off is usually in your basement or crawl space near the water heater. Usually turns off to the right. Usually Righty tighty – Lefty loosey.

  1. Drain the faucets throughout your home.

After you have shut-off the main. You should turn on the taps so that the remain water drains into your sinks. Cold taps first, then the hot first.

  1. Clean up the Mess

Clean up the remaining water where it is found.

  1. Call The Plumbing Pro

The Plumbing Pro offers fair no-hassle estimates for water leaks, broken pipes, toilet stool repair. So give us a call at 816-763-8200.