A Hands-free Faucet Might Be Just Right For You

No touch faucet

A hands-free faucet might be perfect for your home or business needs and The Plumbing Pro sells them.

Here are a few reasons people are choosing hands-free faucets

  1. Ease of use

A hands-free, touchless, automatic or motion sensing faucet is designed to open its valve when hands are in close Hands free faucet in use  proximity to the sensor it allows water to run. So, if you are cleaning vegetable or fruit or your hands a messy there is no need to touch the handle.  They are designed to offer easy accessibility to children, the elderly or individuals with poor motor skills.

  1. Economical and Money Saving

You can save on your homes or businesses water bill. Because of how you use these faucets you will use less water. It will nHands free faucet just swipe and goo longer be necessary take a few seconds to adjust your temperature manually because they are designed automatically pour at the temperature you set.

  1. Less dangerous to children

Setting the temperature can protect younger children from burns caused by the hot water. No set the temperature and forget.

  1. Promote Health Living

Since Covid19 we are all aware of the need to promote health living and washing your hands is a big part of that. With a Hands-Free Faucet you reduce the chance of passing on unwanted germs, bacteria or viruses to others in your home or business.