4 Grease Trap Maintenance Tips

If you own a commercial kitchen or restaurant, you know the importance of a properly functioning Grease trap. It is The Plumbing Pro team Grease trap replacementessential, in fact, in keeping your staff and customers healthy and keeping your business running.

In the greater Kansas City Metro, there are several regulations your business must follow. If you are not aware of these regulations, give The Plumbing Pro a call, and we can lead you in the right direction. Here are a few tips to keep you grease trap in proper working order.

4 Grease Trap Maintenance Tips

  1. A consistent cleaning schedule and confirmed Proper Installation

Always keep your grease trap cleaning on a schedule. You should do it consistently, not just when you need it. Find a cleaning professional and get on their schedule. Then ask them to check to make sure your grease trap was installed correctly

  1. Install and user Strainers

Strainers are available from you nearest restaurant supply store. A strainer will keep all unwanted items out of your drains and garbage disposal.

  1. Discard Solid Food Waste

Make sure you put into place proper handling procedures for grease, fats and oils. Larger food items should be thrown into trash, and not allowed to go down the drain or garbage disposal. The more you keep out of your grease trap the better.

  1. Never pour grease down the drain

There are several foods and particles that you should not put down your drain, including grease. Use a grease bucket, pour old grease into an old bucket or barrel.