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In Kansas City The Plumbing Pro Is The One To Call For Restaurant Commercial Grease Trap Installation

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Commercial Grease Trap Interceptor Installation & Repairkcmo grease trap installation

In Kansas City The Plumbing Pro is the one to call to install a new or repair an old grease trap or interceptor. Whether you have a restaurant, catering business or some other food service facilities in Kansas City there are strict regulations requiring you to have an adequate grease trap and solid waste interceptor.

In fact, if your business regularly disposes of materials that could be harmful if sent down the city’s sewer lines then you should be calling The Plumbing Pros right now. We can help you design and install the right types of equipment that will protect your business and the health and safety of your neighbors.

Our trustworthy and professional technicians have installed grease traps, sand traps, oil interceptors, lint traps for businesses all over the Kansas City area. Let us help you with compliance to local plumbing codes – no matter what your industry we can help.

• Bars • Restaurants • Cafeterias • Entertainment Centers • Bowling Alleys • Car Washes • Paint & Body Shops • Factories / Other industrial companies • Laundromats / Commercial Laundries

Why should you have a commercial grease trap

      1. In order to comply with city, state and federal grease regulations

The Plumbing Pro works with local authorities to make sure that your restaurant or commercial property fully comply with all requirements. Most localities require companies within the food service industry to install a grease trap in order to reduce or eliminate sewer obstructions.

      1. Plumbing Maintenance

Businesses without a grease trap installed often suffer from re occurring pipe and drain issues created by grease build up. The Plumbing Pro can help you maintain the health of your plumbing system, through drain cleaning or trap installation. Why create problems with down the road, let us help you today.

      1. Safety

Finally, safety is an issue – localities strive to keep grease from the sewers for a simple reason. Grease can build up causing pumping stations, sewer collection, and wastewater treatment plants.  Grease leads to overflows that can cause extra unwanted expense and concerns for residents of their locality. The Plumbing Pro can help you look out for the health and safety of your community by installing a proper grease collection system.

The Plumbing Pro can also work out ways for your organization to pay for a new grease collection system.




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Very happy with them (The Plumbing Pro) able to get to me quick!

By Homeowner

By Homeowner

03/23/17 - Very Happy website

The Plumbing Pro really rocks when it comes to drain cleaning!

By Richard W

By Richard W

03/01/16 - 5 Star website

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