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The Plumbing Pro is Kansas City’s Solar Water Heater Pro. Since 1978, The Plumbing Pro has repaired and replaced hot water heaters for Kansas City metro business and homeowners. Solar Water Heaters

Need a new hot water heater? Gas, Electric, Propane? Why not go with a hybrid – Rheem’s new SolPak Gas Assist 75 Gallon Natural Gas Solar Water Heater might be just the right choice.  Solar Water heating solutions are a great way to reduce your energy bills.

Solar water heaters typically have a storage tank and a solar collector. Rheem’s unit is one of the best units on the market.  A solar water heater is on of the most effective ways of cutting your homes carbon footprint. It will reliably convert up to 50% of the available sunlight to heat your water supply.  Rheem solar units are available with electric or gas backups, so if the sun doesn’t shine you will still shower in comfort.

Here are some important stats

  • Reduce your energy usage by 9%-17%
  • 18% more efficient than standard models
  • Could lower your yearly energy cost between $400 – $600

Rheem units carry the highest energy efficiency in its class, with an Energy Factor (EF) of 2.45. This model is also ENERGY STAR qualified. If you are replacing your water heater give The Plumbing Pro a call at (816) 763-8200. No matter what water heater type you choose we can get you back in hot water. The Plumbing Pro will drain, remove and replace your water heater quickly and professionally.