Flooding in Kansas City Causes Many To Repair or Replace Failing Sump Pumps


Rain and Storms Can Be A Threat

Every time the rains come, We replace failing sump pumps. The Plumbing Pro is book for days repair, replacing and even installing sump pumps all over the Kansas City area. Why do most wait for the rain? We don’t know.

Call today, before the rains set in. Let us examine your current sump pump and make sure that your sump pump is ready to handle the invitable rains. We will confirm that it is in working order, if it isn’t, we will make recommendations and offer a free no-hassle estimate.

Zoeller Pumps

The Plumbing Pro is proud to carry Zoeller pumps. In our opinion, they are the best in the industry for most projects. We even have battery backup systems

Local Flooding News Article

When sump pumps encounter larger amounts of water, they can become overworked and quickly breakdown.  However, there could be all sorts of reasons your sump pump is not working. Call The Plumbing Pro today.

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Here are 8 possible reasons for the failure of your sump pump:free estimates on plumbing

    • Power failures
    • Wrong Size
    • Improper installation
    • Switch problems
    • Lack of maintenance
    • Lack of use
    • Clogs
    • Plain old product failures

Even though the threat of flooding may be gone you should remember that you should maintain your sump pump yearly and replace battery every few years. Here are some other things you can do to help maintain your sump pump:

  • Consider adding a back-up pump then you can switch off periodically to improve longevity.
  • Always test your primary pump and run a test on your back-up sure it they are working before the rains come.
  • When testing your sump pump, go outside to make sure it is discharging water
  • Checking  the operation of the float and impeller to make sure they are in working order
  • Clean out the air hole in the discharge line and around the pump
  • Listen for any unusual noises when the motor is running

The Plumbing Pro is here to help! Call us today (816) 763-8200 (913) 782-9669