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Commercial Main Line Repair

Is your commercial main or sewer line running slow or clogged?  The health of your sewer line is critical. Are your employees and customers complaining about sewer odors, multiple backups, standing sewage in sewer cleanout or floor drains? If so, act immediately don’t put off fixing your problem and exposing your people to untreated sewage.

Don’t Let Plumbing Issues Hurt Your Business Today or Tomorrow

Commercial properties often need more frequent visits from a plumbing professional because they typically larger in size and often multiple floors. Most importantly, plumbing issues can stop production, slow or even close regular business. Don’t let a main line plumbing issue stop you from successfully meeting the needs of your employees and customers.

The Plumbing Pro has been serving the needs of local businesses and rental properties since 1978. We understand the unique problems created by plumbing issues in your business and we are here to help. We can even arrange for special repair times to accommodate your business practices.

Latest Technology and Plumbing Practices

Our commercial main line cleaning and repair service is designed to solve the most common causes of a slow or clogged drain. We use the latest technology to snake out, auger or rooter your line, and in some cases use our main line camera to locate the exact problem and location.

Most often a cleaning the line is all that is needed, but in some cases, we find more extensive repair and replacement of the lines is required. The Plumbing Pro staff can find the exact cause of your issue; debris build up like non-flushables or living growing roots in the line. Or worse, failed infrastructure like broken/ collapsed pipelines. We promise to find the issue quickly and offer an affordable plan to resolve your issue.

Fix it fast.

Don’t suffer from flushing anxiety any longer, our vans are in your neighborhood right now. Let The Plumbing Pro deal with all your commercial drain line problems. We service Jackson County MO, Clay County MO, Platte County MO and Johnson County KS. Call 816-763-8200.

The Plumbing Pro offers FREE NO HASSLE ESTIMATES for your business plumbing issues. Don’t wait til your plumbing becomes a problem. If you like the price, we’ll do the work.

It really is that simple. We do the job well and get your plumbing working again quickly. As a result, we turn your frustration into adulation. And that is why The Plumbing Pro is the HEARTLAND’S most recommended plumbing, sewer, drain, and rooter company.


Are you committed to serving residential and commercial customers of our community with integrity? Do you like solving problems and smiling customers? Then we would like to talk to you about working for The Plumbing Pro, call Rayna at 816) 763-8200 or (913) 782-9669.