Outdoor spigot solutions

If you own a home more than likely you have utilized an outdoor spigot. An outdoor spigot provides a convenient way to get fresh water outside your home. Whether you are watering the garden or washing off the car this source is an important part of your home plumbing. However outdoor spigots can be harmed by constant heating and cooling weather. Over time an outdoor spigot will need replaced, every 10-15 years.

A dripping, cracking, spraying faucets are telling you it’s time to seek the help of a plumber.  When it is time call The Plumbing Pro. We offer fair no-hassle estimates on this type of plumbing. If you like the price, we can do the work.

Types of Outdoor spigots

Hose bib outdoor spigots are most common. The valve is located beneath the handle and attaches easily to a hose. Often the water pipe remains outside the building and can freeze up and crack. See below

Outdoor Sill faucets fit snug against the wall and are frost-proof, anti-siphon proof. They are great in climates like Missouri and Kansas have.  A sill faucets water pipe fits inside the wall and is less likely to freeze up.

When you call The Plumbing Pro here is an explanation of what we will do. First, we will evaluate the situation and propose the best solution for your outdoor spigot. Second, we will outline the costs and explain the repair process. Finally, with your go ahead we will install a new outdoor spigot.

If you wish to replace your outdoor faucet now is the time. Don’t let a freeze create an even bigger issue for you.  Call 816-763-8200 to setup a free no-hassle estimate.