Tips For Organizing Your Bathroom Lavatory

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The Plumbing Pro staff quite frequently sees things that would stir your stomach. facebook organizing tipsThose things we will leave to another blog. Our techs service customers all over the Kansas City metro and they see some great things too.

Here are some great organization ideas reminiscent of what our techs have seen

Now a bathroom can have many items that require storage including: hair dryers, curling iron, towels, toilet paper, medicine, bottled cleaning items, brushes, sponges, hair clips, pins, etc. With all that to store and so little space you’ll need to get really creative.

Here are a few ideas –

Baskets, boxes, shower caddies

Use of baskets, boxes, and shower caddies can help you store both health and cleaning items. You can divide and conquer the mess. Boxes and baskets and shower caddies have separators that will allow you to organize.

PVC pipes, plastic jugs, file holder

There are a lot of items around the house you can use without going out and buying something. PVC piping, milk jugs, file holders, shoe boxes all can help you take back control of the space under your bathroom sink. I have attached some photos of possible uses. Curling Irons, hair dryers, health items, brushes, cleaning bottles and so much more can be stored in an organized manner.

Hooks, poles, ribbons and more

Looking to store your cleaning bottles why not use poles or hand towel racks – just hang them off the pole. Hooks make a great place to hang towels, brushes, sponges, and hand held items. Finally ribbons make an ideal place to place hair clips and pins.

Finally a plastic shoe holder cut to size will give you a place to segment and store personal items, deodorant, shampoo, hand soap and more.

No matter how you look at it creativity is the key. Change up your lavatory area and stun your plumber next time he works under your sink. He might just take your organization idea home with him.

hangers-min shoe holder pvc storage file folder

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