Why do some drain cleaning jobs come with warranty and others not?

The Plumbing Pro has been offering drain cleaning and sewer repair for over 40 years and our experience allows us to inform our customers what is going on with their drain lines.

Sometimes when we run a snake through a line the clog is removed quickly and consists of items expected to periodicallyPlumbing Pro working on drain line cause a clog like toilet paper, grease, food stuffs and other pipe debris. These clogs are often fully covered by our warranty.

Other times while drain cleaning we will find roots in the line or even blockages that could be caused by a collapse or offset in the line. This type of clog is not warranted because it is expected to clog again until further repairs are made. We will try to fully explain next steps the customer should take like camera inspection, and pipe repair or replacement.

When you get a drain cleaning from The Plumbing Pro please note on the paperwork provided whether your drain clog is covered by a warranty or not. If not, make sure your plumbing pro explains the next steps necessary to get your lines working again.